your card is not secure


When you carry your card with you without a case, there is a risk that someone will read your card wirelessly and make a transaction.

Non-contact payment cards allow you to charge your account up to a certain amount without providing a pin or signature.

This opens the way to abuse. It is enough that someone in the subway, bus or shopping center, pass near you, read your card using a wireless terminal and your money will disappear from the account.



What can I do? How to be safe? Although card issuers make every effort to keep your payment card secure, there is always a risk of losing money.

To increase your security, purchase our BitSafeCard sleeve. Our sleeve will block radio signals from the range in which wireless terminals work. Thanks to this, it will not be possible to read your card and make a transaction. From the moment the payment card is in the case, your money will be safe.

To make a transaction, simply remove the card from the case and approach the terminal. Remember to put the card back in the case after making a conscious transaction.