What is Bitsafecard?

Bitsafecard is your private crypto wallet that allows you to store your Crypto Money savings easily and safely, the new investment tool of today's investment world.

Bitsafecard is your personal safe with high digital security.

Bitsafecard is independent of the internet environment. It protects your savings from cyber thieves, hackers. Your digital wallet is a crypto assets safe that you can carry with you. The digital privacy and security of your security key information is under your control only. It is completely free from the risks of accounts opened on the web and mobile applications. As it is known, since the security keys and identity information of the accounts opened online (on the internet) are shared with the other party, this keeps the risk of theft of your digital money very high. Various events that have been experienced and reflected in the media in the recent period are concrete examples of these losses and grievances. Bitsafecard protects you against these risks.

Storing your digital money with Bitsafecard is very simple and safe compared to other platforms.

  • Storing your digital money with Bitsafecard is very simple and safe compared to other platforms.
  • Bitsafecard is not online, does not have any connection to the internet, so there is no risk of your money being stolen by cyber crooks, hackers.
  • The security of Bitsafecard is entirely yours. The security key information of all your savings is in your card.
  • There is no risk of your personal information being stolen with Bitsafecard. Bitsafecard is not a hot wallet. It protects you from the risk of sharing requested credentials in online applications and the risk of this information being stolen.

If you don't have the key, the money is not yours.

If we keep in mind how the well-known crypto intermediary institution in our country, which has defrauded nearly 400 thousand account holders and made 2 billion dollars profiteering last year, and which has made a name for itself in the press, transferring the savings of the depositors to its own account and making the depositors victimized with the profiteering it has made, we can already see it in the hot wallet. We can say the famous British saying "If You Don't Have The Key, The Money Is Not Yours." remember that in interactive wallets, your security keys and identity information are also within the knowledge of the other party.

Easy To Use

The complex transactions offered by the internet and mobile applications and the obligation to share your confidential information do not apply to Bitsafecard. The cold wallet we offer to you allows you to keep your digital savings safely and easily, away from the risk of sharing your confidential information. With our Signature series crypto assets wallet, you can safely and easily store more than 100 different cryptocurrencies on your card.

Can you gift Bitsafecard to your loved ones?

You can easily gift Bitsafecard to all your loved ones who want to have digital money but avoid the risks and difficulties of it. Bitsafecard is a wallet that your relatives can easily use and carry with them, and can be used safely without being hacked by cyber hackers. Therefore, you can safely gift it to your loved ones.