A very easy to use, secure wallet for everyone.

200 Prices starting from $20.

Designed to keep your cryptocurrencies safe.

Our Signature series wallets were produced with three important needs in mind. Ease of use, security and simplicity. You don't need a high knowledge of technology to use our Signature wallets. Our wallet is designed to be easily used by adults of all ages. Signature serisi cüzdanlarımız üç önemli ihtiyaç düşünülerek üretildi. Kullanım kolaylığı, güvenlik ve basitlik. Signature cüzdanlarımızı kullanmak için teknoloji konusunda yüksek bilgiye ihtiyacınız yok. Cüzdanımız her yaştan yetişkin insanların kolayca kullanabileceği şekilde tasarlanmıştır.

Take it out of the package and start using it right away.

From the moment you unpack your wallet, which we will send you empty, you can safely store your crypto money purchases.

No Installation.

Signature series wallets come to you ready to use. Scan a QR code to store your crypto and your card is ready to use!

No Maintenance.

Signature series wallets are physical wallets that you can carry with you without the need for maintenance or electronic updating, unlike electronic hardware wallets.


The security key of your wallet, which stores your digital savings, is entirely yours before it passes to 2nd and 3rd parties. Our Signature series wallets are a safe safe that keeps your cryptocurrencies safely and only you have the key.

Non-Electronic Design

BITSAFECARD crypto assets wallets are deliberately designed without any computer chips or electronics.

Computer chips and electronic circuits constantly require software updates and hardware upgrades to protect your savings against hacking and other cyber theft risks. These precautions you will take will result in loss of time, financial burden and complex procedures. Moreover, these measures you have taken do not eliminate the risk of theft of your cryptocurrencies.

BITSAFECARD protects you from all these burdens and security risks. Bitsafecard securely protects your crypto assets.

100% Offline Cold Storage

BITSAFECARD wallets are 100% offline. It is independent of the internet environment. It protects your savings from hackers, cyber thieves. Your crypto money is always safe with our cold wallets. Unauthorized electronic access to funds in our Signature series wallets is never out of the question. Your money is protected from digital thieves.

You can gift it.

SIGNATURE Series wallets are designed to be a physical representation of your crypto assets. Easily load your digital coins into your wallet and carry them with you safely as you wish. If you want, gift it to your loved ones. Show them how easy and secure it is to save cryptocurrencies.

Sophisticated design, quality production.

SIGNATURE series wallets are prepared in such a way that you can take them with you and gift them to your loved ones, with the quality of the materials used in their production and their sophisticated designs.

Different designs according to currencies.

The SIGNATURE Series is produced with different, aesthetic design options for many cryptocurrencies.

Many varieties are available.

The SIGNATURE Series offers different and fun design options for many cryptocurrencies.
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